txter | Jeroen Janssen proofreading / editing / translation / coordination / advice
txter | redigeren en vertalen
txter | redigeren en vertalen
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Editing: a more suitable text

Editing is not the same as proofreading. Editing goes much further. txter screens your text for content, structure and style, and improves, adapts or rewrites it where necessary. A good example of editing is reformulating a text to target a specific public.

The result is a text that has been adapted in such a way that it achieves its intended goal.

txter is an expert. Its expertise is built on knowledge and experience gained in the following areas:

  • advertising/marketing/public relations
  • linguistics/language theory/language history
  • culinary/menus/foodstuffs (industry)
  • travel/geography/cities/countries
  • nature/ecology/conservation
  • art/art and cultural history
  • leisure/recreation/tourism
  • construction/architecture/urban development
  • lifestyle/homes/interior and garden architecture