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txter | redigeren en vertalen
txter | redigeren en vertalen
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why txter?
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Why txter?

txter makes it its business to ensure that every text meets your expectations. This hinges on the key concepts of quality, versatility and reliability that drive the txter vision.
  • Quality: txter quality is based on many years' professional experience in linguistic, organisational and advisory roles. txter has built up extensive knowledge of diverse subject areas and of language theory, foreign languages and topical issues.
  • Versatility: txter is characterised by its expertise, flexibility and dedication. txter’s business is to communicate your business, and it utilises its versatility on numerous fronts to achieve this. txter is concerned not only with your text, but to this end also with your wishes and your organisation. Thanks to its small scale operation, txter can give you its full personal attention. txter’s goal is to fulfil your wishes, as expressed by the written word.
  • Reliability: The key concept of doing business with txter is reliability, which means fulfilling agreements. Delivery time and continuity are just as important for txter as discretion with regard to sensitive or less sensitive information.
txter works for clients in diverse market segments at home and abroad, including publishers, government, travel organisations, cultural institutions and consultancies, the hotel and catering industry, logistics, cosmetics/body care, IT, foodstuffs and retail.