txter | Jeroen Janssen proofreading / editing / translation / coordination / advice
txter | redigeren en vertalen
txter | redigeren en vertalen
what does txter do?
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What does txter do?

txter makes your text sharper/better/finer
Web content, brochures, staff newsletters, menus, policy documents, emails, flyers, inserts, travel guides, product leaflets, vacancies, business correspondence, hiking routes … with txter you can engage your target audience. txter can work from your existing text, or create a new text based on clear instructions or an idea. Read more about proofreading, editing and translation.

txter supports
As well as textual expertise, txter can also support you with your other language needs. txter provides on site and off site solutions at organisational and advisory level. Read more about coordination and advice.