txter | Jeroen Janssen proofreading / editing / translation / coordination / advice
txter | redigeren en vertalen
txter | redigeren en vertalen
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Who is txter?
txter | Jeroen Janssen
txter is Jeroen Janssen.

txter is about language - it always has been, both Dutch and foreign languages. I strengthened my language base in the first instance by studying Italian linguistics at Utrecht University, specialising in translation sciences, followed by research and study at universities abroad.

txter is professional. After operational and management functions in the restaurant industry, I worked for the Dutch public service broadcaster, first as a desk editor, then as international facilities and programme coordinator. My next step in the world of languages and text was as project manager, and then quality manager, at a translation and localisation agency. Additional experience in the field of processes and advice was gained as consultant with a national organisation for secondment and interim management.

txter is passionate about language. I attach great value to correct yet creative use of language, in all forms of written communication. txter’s objective is to rewrite a text for a sharper/better/finer result; because your texts reflect the quality of your organisation.